5 Aug 2013

Delta Aquariid

Can I lie down next to you for a little longer?
On this white bench that’s been hurting our backs.
Under the half-moon that’s been shining down on us,
As if we’re waiting for another meteor shower.

How I wish I could stop the time,
Just to be in this position for infinity.
Your hand in my hand, fingers intertwined.
I think if I died now, I would be leaving the earth with a smile.

Traces of sand in my shoes and your scent wrapping my body,
My eyes are wide open yet it’s still like the best dream.
My life is almost complete now that you’re beside me,
And now all I need is you for a few more eternity.

My chest unfolds, revealing a once broken soul that’s now mended,
Your voice echoes in my ears overshadowing the beats of my heart.
“I could do this forever, until the very end of time”
My mind freezes as your lips press mine.

(Hayat, gece gökyüzüne bakıp "Bir tane bile yıldız olmaz mı?" derken meteor yağmuruna tanıklık etmekmiş...)

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