16 Jan 2013

Birds of Prey

It was to the sound of the seagulls, that I had found a way to cherish my loneliness.
Floating above my head, with the cold sand beneath my feet.
& the wind so cold that with every second I had spent wrapped in it, I could slowly feel my body going numb.
& the waves... It was as though I was watching my inner selfish emotions, crashing.
& my body had become the rocks, that got hit by their anger, gradually eroding.

Even though it was all natural, simply the nature taking its course, it was a disaster.
& even though it was an anticipated tragedy, there was something so disturbingly beautiful and peaceful about it.
Witnessing the innocent being wiped away from afar.
Just like those times when I witnessed myself destroying me.

& it was the eyes of a falcon that had gotten to me.
It was like a puzzle that I for once could not solve.
A mystery that stared straight into my soul.
Flying around me with those gazing eyes without making a single sound.
Drawing me towards an unknown.

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